The Books and Authors committee, chaired by Sue Minchew, Tani Dubuisson, and Betty Lynn Hunt, continues to bring great programs and authors to the community. Books and Authors takes place the second Thursday of the month at noon.



September 8, noon: John Hailman, From Midnight to Guntown; Return to Guntown 




October 13, noon: Gerry Wilson, Crosscurrents and other stories


deeper currents


November 10, noon: Donald Jackson, Deeper Currents: The Sacraments of Hunting and Fishing




December 8, noon: L. Sydney Fisher, The Haunting of Natalie Bradford





January 12, noon: John Floyd, Dreamland





February 9, noon: Patrick Creevy, Ryan’s Woods




March 9, noon: Terry Lynn Thomas, Weeping in the Wings


April 13, noon: Michael Farris Smith, Desperation Road