Adult Summer Reading Challenge 2019

The Great Summer Reading Challenge for Adults
Starts June 3 and ends July 26

  1. Read a work of fiction that has won the Pulitzer Prize in the past 10 years
  2. Read a work of fiction by a Mississippi author not named William Faulkner or John Grisham
  3. Read a work of nonfiction about Native American history
  4. Read a biography, autobiography, or memoir
  5. Read a collection of short stories
  6. Read a work of speculative fiction ie: dystopia, post-apocalyptic, alternative history, etc
  7. Read a work of fiction set in Africa, Asia, or South America
  8. Read a work of historical fiction
  9. Read a work of nonfiction concerning nature
  10. Read a work of nonfiction concerning current events ie: politics, foreign affairs, crime, etc

Bonus! Read a work of fiction over 500 pages long!

Rules and Regulations:

  1. This reading challenge is for the grown-ups only! That means 18 and over. Please see our Children’s and Young Adult Librarians for other age groups.
  2. Only books finished in June and July will count toward the reading challenge. This is based on an honor system, thus, everyone play fair and have fun!
  3. The Grand Prize is a $25 gift card provided by StrangeBrew Coffeehouse! A BIG thanks to them for supporting the library and this reading program!
  4. For each of the reading challenges completed, your name will be entered once into a raffle for the prize. If you complete the Bonus Challenge, you will receive TWO raffle tickets. If you complete the entire sheet, including the Bonus, you will receive FIVE additional tickets!
  5. You can only complete one challenge sheet over the course of the summer for a maximum of 17 raffle tickets. You can turn in your challenges all at once or update us throughout the summer. It is up to you!
  6. All reading challenge sheets must be turned in by Friday, July 26. The drawing will then be held on Wednesday, July 31 and the winner will be contacted by phone. Sheets will be available starting on Monday, June 3.
  7. A book can only count for one of the challenges. For example, if you read a short story collection by a Mississippi author, you must choose which challenge it will count for. The only exception is that a book over 500 pages can count for a challenge AND the bonus.
  8. Having a hard time thinking of a book for a particular challenge? Ask a librarian! We will give you some suggestions.
  9. You can only complete a challenge once to get a raffle ticket!

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