Friends of the Library

Lynn Reinschmiedt , President
Connie Forde, Vice-President

Maureen Lang, Secretary
Myrna Lott, Treasurer

Sylvia Anderson
Linda Beuhler
John Colwick

Marianne Crowell
Tani Dubuisson
Tom Fisher, SAAC Liason
Gayle Hodge
Betty Lynn Hunt
Cathy Kemp
Sue Minchew

Georgia Murphy
Sharon Nobles
Norma Jean Smith
Cherie Steele
Bos Stevens
Sherrie Welch

Check-out the latest list of Books and Authors Program – come hear the authors discuss their books and projects and enjoy refreshments provided by the Friends of the Library!

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Our Friends are an enthusiastic volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion and support of our libraries!

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For more information, write or call:

Starkville Public Library
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Starkville, Mississippi 39759