Friends of the Library Membership

Thanks To Our Friends, 2018-2019
Donations received October 1 – December 1, 2018

Sue Bell
Catherine Boyd
Michael and Alison Buehler
Ida Cunetto
Russell and Lynn Gaines
Ernest and Frances George III
Carrie B. Hawkins
Elizabeth J. Hawkins
Bill and Billie Lane Hood
Warren and Judi Housley
Walt and Ellen Newsom
Doyle and Julia Pendley
Bob and Donna Reese
Glenn and Cherie Steele
Joe and Becky Stockwell
Helen Thomas
Jim and Suzy Turner
Robert and Amy Wills
Robert and Peggy Wolverton
Lynn Spruill
Larry and Florence Box
Marianne M. Crowell
Keith and Gayle Hodge
Jean Marcus
Larry and Rae Oldham
4-County Electric
Turner and Gloria Wingo
Vernon and Terry Ammon
George and Wendy Ansel
Hembree and Jean Brandon
Larry and Susan Brown
James and Janis Bryant
Bob and Pam Collins
Armando and Ruth de la Cruz
Tom and Ginger DeWeese
Elliott and Tani Dubuisson
William and Nelle Elam
Tom and Fay Fisher
Richard and Bettye Forbes
John and Connie Forde
Stanly and Jeannie Godbold
Donnie and Beverly Hammett
Jim and Brenda Harden
Gerald Emison and Donna Harrison
Jim and Ruth Haug
Kent and Connie Hoblet
David and Betty Lynn Hunt
Terry and Cathy Kemp
David and Maureen Lang
Brown and Langston PLLC
Jane Lee
Deborah O. Lee
Jim and Page Leftwich
Bryan and Myrna Lott
Lewis and Pie Mallory, Jr.
Jeri Mangum
Kent and Emily Marett
John and Jeanne Marszalek
Wynema McGrew
John and Anne McWhorter
Jim and Marion Meade
Doug and Sue Minchew
Roy and Fairfax Montgomery
David and Linda Morse
Robert and Lucy Phillips
Hal and Joyce Polk
Lynn and Myra Reinschmiedt
Charles and Nina Rivenburgh
Bill and Evelyn Simmons
Charles and Martha Sparrow
Bob and Anne Thompson
Mike and Wanda Thorne
Mary M. Thornton
John and Susan Tomlinson
Hayes and Judy Truitt
Steve and Jenny Turner
Vance and Jo Ann Watson
Graham and Martha Wells
Sandra Sistrunk and Wayne Wilkerson
Clyde and Marsha Williams
George and Linda Buehler
Janice Chambers
Danny and Dorothy Cheatham
Frank and Ann Chiles
Ed and Barbara Clynch
John and Pat Colwick
Lawrence and Elsie Croft
Terry Crow
Joe and Barbara Farris
Brenda Garner and Grandchildren
Robert and Edna Jean Gunn
John and Virginia Harkness
Bill and Maureen Henry
Gaddis and Pam Hunt
Jerry and Jamie Inmon
Jonas and Lydia King
David and Kathryn Laughlin
David and Georgia Lindley
Charles and Susie Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. James McPhail
John and Kay McReynolds
David and Barbara Monts
James and Alfalene Morse
Carroll and Georgia Murphy
Ralph and Sharon Nobles
Jim and Helen Ormon
Bill and HelenSue Parrish
Saunders and Jordan Ramsey
Keith and Ruth Remy
Laroy and Nan Rushing
Richard and Emily Rust
Bob and Norma Jean Smith
Larry and Marilyn Tabor
Joe and Emilie Thompson
Jimmie and Jacqueline Tisdale
Fred and Jane Tyner
David and Sherrie VanLandingham
Johnny and Bobbie Walton
Glenn and Sherrie Wiygul
Sylvia Anderson
Roxene H. Atkinson
Larry Brewer
Louis Capella
Betty Jane Chatham
Ed Cole
Nancy M. Critz
John L. Dugan
Sharon Fly
Barbara Frank
Carole Gospodnetich
Jim Hinds
Suzanne Huffman
Kim Laird
Amanda Lawrence
Paula Mabry
Quinn Manuel
Ellen Drane Mauldin
Cameron McMillen
Dolly Moore
Cindy Morgan
William M. Porter
Anna Marie Rasberry
Linda Ratliff
Florence Richardson
Audrey Scales
John C. Schneider
Bos Stevens
Martha Swain
Margaret Weining
Sharon Welch
Elaine White
Sara Wilson
Opal W.Wood